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141 West Main Street, Bennington, VT, 05201

"Perhaps the best hotel in Bennington" - Frommer's Travel Guide

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Reviews keep inns honest and customers satisfied. We’re proud of what people think of the Paradise Inn. We invite you to sample reviews here from TripAdvisor and Yelp. Or read our Guest Book for comments left by our visitors. And if you’ve stayed at the inn, please review us and share your experience with others. — Phil Pappas, Owner

Recently from TripAdvisor: “The Paradise Inn is Lovely! We spent a few days recently at the Paradise where we were pleasantly surprised at the size, cleanliness and decor of our room. The owner and staff were all extremely friendly and helpful. We spent the days exploring Bennington and nearby towns on routes with amazing scenery and then relaxed in the resort like pool in the evenings. We would wholeheartedly recommend the Paradise Inn. It was perfect!”


Paradise Motor Inn

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